2012 Evaluation

On the 5th June 2014, Jane Hill and Helen Tomes presented "The Clinical Supervision Model that Stands the Test of Time" at the College of Occupational Therapists 38th Annual Conference in Brighton.

The presentation introduced the audience to the model of Non Managerial Clinical Supervision (NMCS) and described how it had been fully evaluated in 2002 and the evaluation repeated 10 years later in 2012.

The results identified that levels of burnout among the participants had remained the same and the model of NMCS still proved to be as effective and supportive as it was in 2002.These results have been obtained using statistical analysis of parametric data.

Jane and Helen are very proud of this result as the 10 intervening years between the two studies have been difficult  in the NHS and despite this we had such an amazing result.We are keen to share this fully evaluated model.

In our experience it does not work without receiving a minimum of three days training. Please go to tab "training" for further details. For the detailed evaluation, please click on the link below.

2012 Evaluation of Non Managerial Clinical Supervision

For the power point presentation given at the College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference in Brighton on the 5th June 2014 by Jane Hill and Helen Tomes, please click on the link below.

COT Presentation of NMCS

In November 2012 Jane and Helen wrote an article for the Health Service Journal, "Develop the right clinical supervision model" to read it please click on link below.

Develop the right clinical supervision model 

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