Non-Managerial Clinical Supervision



Non-Managerial Clinical Supervision aims to support the development of knowledge and competence, enabling reflectors to assume responsibility for their own practice and enhance the quality of services provided to clients.


Non-Managerial Clinical Supervision (NMCS) is a facilitated process that focuses on the needs of the reflector. It is a non-judgemental and mutually respectful process that supports, challenges and celebrates professional practice. 
It provides an opportunity to explore feelings and thoughts about work related issues enabling personal, professional and clinical development through analysis and reflection. 
Non-Managerial Clinical Supervision is complimentary to but not a substitute for managerial clinical supervision.



The training is normally delivered one day a week over three weeks on different days of the week or as a block depending on the needs of the participants. Most training days incorporate theory and practical sessions.

Two feedback sessions are usually offered to check participants have managed to apply the theory. The first feedback sessions is usually held after participants have received three sessions and then a further session after six.


Teaching Methods used 
1. Workshops. 
2. Tutorials. 
3. Discussion groups. 
4. Practical sessions. 
5. Self evaluation questionnaires. 
6. Group tasks.


Contact Details


Jane Hill MSc (exon) MRCOT

Project Manager for Clinical Supervision

+44(0) 781 361 3910






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